Pokemon Conquest Rom Nintendo DS Download

Pokemon Conquest Rom
NamePokemon Conquest Rom Nintendo DS Download
Publish23 Jan 2023
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
EmulatorNDS Emulators
GenreStrategy, Turn Based Tactics
Size71 MB

Pokemon Conquest Rom is a Strategy, Turn-Based Tactics, and Rol-Playing Game developed by Tecmo Koei, and publish for Nintendo DS Console. In Pokemon Conquest, you start your adventures from Ransei Region with a character named Eevee. In this adventurous world, you battle with Warriors and Warlord Leaders and earn different items. The gameplay of the Pokemon Conquest is a more turn-based strategy and players can make different attacks with interesting items during the battles.

Table of Contents

Intro Of Pokemon Conquest

A player and an Eevee travel through the Ransei Region, meeting Pokemon and fighting Warlords to conquer and unify the region. Warriors and Warlord Leaders are able to join the party of the player once they have been defeated. The unique battle-changing abilities that Warlords and Warriors have can boost the abilities of their Pokemon, but they are limited to one battle. These effects can include increased attack power, temporary invincibility, and even health restoration.

What About The Story

The second story is the best. The Legend of Ransei Eight additional stories remain unlocked. This allows the player to explore different stories with different characters. Each episode has a specific goal. These goals can range from unifying the region, defeating certain Warlords, or collecting certain Pokemon. The Legend of Ransei won’t allow the player to replay it, even though they can replay all stories. Players can unlock the final story only after they have cleared the stories of 16 “senior” Warlords. This story is an alteration of the original story. It’s not very big, which is perfect for a DS Rom. They make up for the lack of surface area by other means. Different kingdoms have different themes that can affect the battlefield in their own unique ways. It’s an example of a kingdom that is fire-themed. Every so often, volcanic boulders will drop onto the battlefield.


Conquest adds another layer to the already strategic encounters. It also contains the types of strengths and weaknesses that almost define the Pokemon experience. You won’t like what you see if you take a Psychic Pokemon to the Ghost kingdom. It is a better idea to take some Water monsters to a Fire-fueled battleground.

Pokemon Conquest Rom

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