GameCube ROMs - GC ROMs Games Download

GameCube is another console made by Nintendo. GameCube Roms are the console games that you can play on other OS like Windows and Android. The Nintendo Gamecube used unique mini DVDs. These disks had more capacity than the GD disks in Dreamcast and less than the DVD in the original PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which featured 2 disks in some games. The Nintendo Game Cube was designed to be so small that it only supported the Mini-DVDs.

Intro of GameCube Console

The fourth console from Nintendo is the Nintendo GameCube. Also known as NGC, GCN or GC, it’s also called GameCube. The Nintendo 64 was the previous console from Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii is the next console from Nintendo. Models released before November 2011 are backward compatible with GameCube games. Madden NFL 08, which was also released for the Wii (and Nintendo DS), was the last game that was available for the console. It was released August 14, 2007. Six months prior, however, the first-party development had ended.

Hardware Info

The Gekko, an IBM-developed CPU, is the heart of the GameCube. The Gekko is built on IBM’s PowerPC 750CXe general-purpose processor with customized features. Flipper, the 202.5 MHz GPU of the system, was created by Art X. Art X was purchased by ATi and produced the Gekko. The GameCube uses 8cm discs that are based on Matsushita Panasonic’s DVD. These can hold up 1.5GB. They are smaller than traditional DVD’s so the GameCube cannot play DVD movies. However, through a partnership between Nintendo and Panasonic, Panasonic produced and distributed the Panasonic hybrid DVD player console with GameCube hardware.