Pokemon Black 2 Rom Nintendo DS (NDS) Download

Pokemon Black 2 (US) (frieNDS) Rom
NamePokemon Black 2 Rom Nintendo DS (NDS) Download
Publish16 Jun 2022
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
EmulatorNDS Emulators
GenreRole Playing
Size146 MB

Pokemon Black 2 Rom is for Nintendo DS Roms Emulator. If you like Pokemon Games, Pokemon X Rom is for you! You can free download Pokemon X Rom from this direct link. This game is available in English and has the highest quality.
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What is Pokemon Black 2 Rom

Two years after the events in the original Pokemon Black Version Rom, and Pokemon White Version games, you can return to the Unova region. It is the first time in the core Pokemon videogame series that a storyline continues from one game to the next. Pokemon White Version 2 and Pokemon Black Version 2 allow players to explore new areas, find new leaders, and see what has changed in the last two decades. They can even capture Pokemon not found in the original game version and battle their favorite opponents from past game releases.

Pokemon Black 2 rom

Gameplay Of Pokemon Black 2

Black 2 and White 2 also work with the Nintendo 3DS new downloadable Pokemon Dream Radar game. Pokemon AR Searcher features Professor Burnet as well as alternative forms for the Pokemon Tornadus (Thundrurus), Landorus and Tornadus. After being captured in AR Searcher, these can be transferred to Black 2 & White 2. Also, the Dream World returns from Pokemon Black & White. However, it was closed on January 14, 2014, along with all fifth-generation games services. The legendary Pokemon Keldeo received a new form in this game, the Resolute form.


The opening of this game is quite different from the one in Black and White. Now, it features the game characters and trio and Swords of Justice. Also, depending on the version of the screen, the title screen will show either Black Kyurem or White Kyurem. The bar that shows the level of a Pokemon, their experience points, and HP, has been redesigned. It is now white in White 2 (in Black 2) and black in Black 2. Redesigned is also the area change indicator. This shows the current location in the top left corner of the screen as well as the season in the bottom right. It is white in White 2 and black in Black 2.

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