Pokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1)

Pokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1) GBA Gameboy Advance Download Rom
NamePokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1)
Publish06 Mar 2024
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreRole Playing
Size4.7 MB

Pokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1) is an exciting evolution to the series with its updated graphics, weather effects, and sound. In Pokemon Ruby (V1.1) Rom, there are More than 200 Pokemon now available with over 100 new species. If you are a fan of GBA Roms, you should try Pokemon Ruby for sure!
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About Pokemon Ruby Rom Gameplay On GBA

The gameplay is virtually unchanged from the previous games. The player controls their main character from an overhead viewpoint and controls are almost identical to those in previous games. The main goals of the game, as with other games, are to catch all the Pokemon and defeat the Elite Four (a team of Pokemon trainers); similarly to previous games, their main subplot involves the main protagonist defeating a criminal group that attempts to take control of the region. The game now offers double battles as well as Pokemon abilities. Due to the Game Boy Advance being more powerful than its predecessors, up to four people can be connected simultaneously instead of the current limit of 2. Furthermore, the games can be linked to an E-Reader (or other advanced Pokemon games)

Download Pokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1) GBA

Pokemon Emerald Rom is another popular GBA Roms which players Explore the mysterious Mirage Tower and the enigmatic Sky Pillar.


First, the game shares many similarities to Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. One example is that players can choose to either be male or female trainers. Another feature is an internal clock that sets specific events at certain times. The handy Pokedex also helps players keep track of their many stats. You still have to defeat all Gym trainers to become the Pokemon master. You will feel at home if the old games were played. All games are not created equal.

Battles and Fight

The most important change is in how battles are played. With two Pokemon fighting on your side, you can tag-team them against an enemy. By taking advantage of the strengths and covering their weaknesses, you can use your Pokemon’s strengths to tag-team your Pokemon against them. So, for example, a water Pokemon can now watch the fire Pokemon’s back. You can also attack several Pokemon at once.

One new aspect of the game is how berries are used during battle. Once you have collected enough berries, a Berry Blender can be used to create a PokeBlock. This super-charged candy increases the “Conditions” of your Pokemon. You can then groom your Pokemon and compete in regional contests to win ribbons like “Best of Show.” This will allow you to unlock additional contests. There are strategies for best using your berries. You don’t want to pick too many. But if you plant enough, the tree will grow. You can also create a Secret Base in certain areas of this game that you can decorate like your bedroom.

Download Pokemon Ruby Rom (V1.1) For GBA

Don’t forget Pokemon Ruby Rom has a multiplayer system. You can trade Pokemon and join up to four others for epic battles. However, the only problem is that you cannot link up with old Game Boy Color titles. –Bryan Karsh

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