Pokemon White Rom Nintendo DS Download

Pokemon White Version Rom Rom
NamePokemon White Rom Nintendo DS Download
Publish17 Aug 2023
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
EmulatorNDS Emulators
GenreRole Playing
Size105 MB

Pokemon White Rom is one of the best titles for Nintendo DS (NDS) console. Pokemon White and Pokemon Black version are the most popular games on this console which has a Role-Playing style and gameplay.

Table of Contents

Pokemon White Rom Storyline

Pokemon White game begins in Nuvema Township with Cheren. Professor Juniper left a box with a gift for them and Bianca who arrived a bit later. The box contains three Pokemon the player can choose from. Bianca will ask for a battle after the selection is made. The battle ends and the room becomes cluttered. Cheren heals the Pokemon of both the player and Bianca and then begins a battle alongside the player. The player who loses to Cheren will celebrate his victory. They will then descend to the basement, where Cheren and Bianca will depart the house and the player’s Mother will heal their Pokemon.

Pokemon White Version Rom Nintendo DS Download

RPG Style Game

Pokemon White Version is a Role-Playing game (RPG) game, for the Nintendo DS / DSi console. As a companion title to the DS / DSi Pokemon Black Version, it features classic RPG-Adventure Pokemon gameplay. Players capture wild Pokemon to use in face-offs against other trainers to find the best. You can also access the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom and choose from three starter Pokemon. There is also an entirely new game region, Unova, which offers improved graphics, multiple battle modes, wireless trading, multiplayer, and much more.


Pokemon can learn four moves: healing, attacking, and status-inflicting moves.

How to Install Pokemon White Version Rom?

  1. Download and install Nintendo DS (NDS) Emulator.
  2. Download Pokemon White Version Rom from the download box.
  3. Unzip Rom files and import it into the Nintendo DS (NDS) emulator.

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