Top 10 PSP Roms

Sony introduced their PlayStation Portable (PSP), a portable gaming system, in 2004. This handheld console offered a diverse selection of action, sports, role playing and adventure titles including Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories; God of War Chains of Olympus; Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core; Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep among many others which are famous with PSP Roms name. A large bright screen was available along with powerful speakers which provided gamers with immersive details and lifelike sound effects when gaming on this handheld console.

Top 10 PSP Roms

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List Of Top 10 PSP Roms

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Storie

This action-adventure follows Victor Vance as he becomes involved with Vice City’s criminal underworld after being discharged from military service. You can drive, shoot, fight or explore around Vice City!

God of War Chains of Olympus

In this action-adventure third-person game, players take control of Kratos, an elite Spartan soldier serving Olympus. Kratos must battle mythical creatures as well as solve puzzles to defeat all gods on his path towards ultimate destruction.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (commonly referred to simply as Final Fantasy Tactics) is a 2007 tactical role-playing video game published and developed by Square Enix. This enhanced version is a re-release of 1997’s Final Fantasy Tactics for PlayStation. War of the Lions offers improved graphics, sound quality, and offers a different storyline than what was present in 1997. Set in Ivalice in a fictional fantasy world, players assume the role of Ramza Beoulve who finds himself trapped between two powerful forces in battle. This game blends tactical role-playing with turn-based elements; players must navigate various battlefields while defeating enemies using strategic maneuvers and positioning techniques.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is an exceptional football simulation game featuring realistic and engaging gameplay. Pro Evolution Soccer should be played by any fan of football as well as of Pro Evolution Soccer brand; with realistic stadiums, detailed player models, dynamic lighting effects and multiple camera views that provide cinematic views of the action!


Daxter, Jak’s wisecracking sidekick, takes center stage in this platformer game. His role will be navigating players through levels as they fight enemies and complete puzzles to free Jak.

Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep

This action-role-playing video game takes place ten years prior to the original Kingdom Hearts titles and follows three young keyblade players on an adventure as they attempt to defeat evil Master Xehanort and defeat his minions. Players can engage in combat with enemies while exploring worlds and customizing abilities as part of this quest.

Persona 3 Portable

The role-playing games follows a high school group who are capable of summoning Personas, and players have access to interact socially, visit various locations within their city and explore their school environment.

Patapon 2

Players control Patapons, an underground tribe which navigates various environments to battle various monsters. To command their movements, players must play specific drumbeats.


This puzzle features an innovative gameplay mechanic which requires the player to arrange blocks in such a manner that they form squares. Furthermore, its dynamic music track constantly evolves throughout gameplay.

Monster Hunter Freedom

Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) is an action adventure game with a fantasy theme, transporting players into an immersive, three dimensional world. They assume the role of hunter, charged with tracking down and combatting fearsome monsters roaming across the landscape – which requires planning your attack strategy carefully to defeat powerful beasts that roam freely across this lush terrain. Friends may join together for added challenge when teaming up to take on more difficult challenges together! Monster Hunter Freedom boasts an engaging storyline and makes an ideal game choice for fans of fantasy games alike!

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