Pokemon Fire Red ROM GBA Version (V1.1) Gameboy Advance Download

NamePokemon Fire Red ROM GBA Version (V1.1) Gameboy Advance Download
Publish02 Apr 2022
ConsoleGameboy Advance (GBA) > ROM
GenreRole Playing
Size5 MB

Pokemon Fire Red ROM GBA Version is one of the most popular games for GBA Console. In Pokemon Fire Red players return to Kanto and start new adventures. To play this Rom you need to install Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulator.


Six years ago, Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version were released. This Game Boy Advance game brought Pokemon to a new generation of gamers. The titles came with a wireless adapter that connects to the Game Boy Advance, making them the first handheld to use such technology.

Pokemon Fire Red ROM

Explore The Kanto

Set your sights on returning to where it all began: Pokemon FireRed Version and Pokemon LeafGreen Version return to Kanto, which is the home of Pokemon Red or Blue. Game Boy Advance has made it possible to greatly improve the location, Pokemon and animations since the last installment.

The Pokemon world has expanded. The next quantum leap in Pokemon technology. We have seen the future. It’s all about Pokemon LeafGreen (sold separately). This package includes a bonus trainer’s guide with tips and information.

Download Pokemon Fire Red ROM

The new titles are set in Kanto where Pokemon first took root. One thing is for sure: Pokemon fans will become the coolest and most connected gaming community worldwide when Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed reach Trainers.

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