Pokemon White 2 Rom

Pokemon White 2 Rom (v01) Rom
NamePokemon White 2 Rom
Publish05 Jun 2023
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
EmulatorNDS Emulators
GenreRole Playing
Size146 MB

Pokemon White 2 Rom is a Nintendo DS game that serves as a direct sequel to Pokémon White. Set in the Unova region, players embark on a journey as Pokémon Trainers, facing new challenges and encountering both familiar and new characters. With an expanded regional Pokédex, players can assemble diverse teams of Pokémon and engage in thrilling battles. The game retains the series’ core mechanics, offers connectivity options for trading Pokémon, and provides an immersive experience for fans of the franchise and Nintendo DS players.

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Pokemon White 2 Rom

Pokemon White 2 Rom Overview

Pokemon White 2 released on the Nintendo DS in 2012 as the sequel to Pokemon White by Game Freak and Nintendo. Set in Unova, players embark on a journey toward becoming trainers of Pokemon.

The Unova Journey Continues

Pokemon White 2 sends players on an adventure through Unova and Gym Leader battles, including Team Plasma’s criminal gang battle. Black Kyurem (a powerful version of legendary Pokemon Kyurem) and White Kyurems (powerful versions of other legendary Pokemon fused together) are two new powerful creatures appearing in this installment of Pokemon.

In the Pokemon World Tournament, you can fight against Trainers from previous Pokemon Roms, like Gym Leaders and Champions from earlier versions. This makes battles more challenging. The Entralink feature lets you interact with other users by playing mini-games together, trading Pokemon, or having battles with each other.

Unova Region

The game takes place in Unova Region, an expansive and varied area filled with numerous cities and towns. As you progress in the game, you will discover bustling urban zones, serene forests and even snowcapped mountains – an adventure awaits!


Pokemon White 2 begins two years after events from Pokemon White and follows your journey as the protagonist towards becoming the Pokemon Champion by uncovering secrets of your area and defeating Team Plasma, an obscure criminal organization. Along your journey will come encounters and new challenges from this mysterious group.

Pokemon White 2 Rom Gameplay

Other Features Of Pokemon White 2 Rom

Pokemon and New Forms

Pokemon White introduces an expansive collection of Pokemon from different generations, both Unova-exclusive ones as well as familiar favorites from other regions. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch, train, or battle an assortment of them.

Gym Leaders

As your journey unfolds, eight Gym Leaders will arise to challenge you, each specializing in one type of Pokemon. As you defeat these Gym Leaders and gain badges by defeating them, this will put you one step closer towards qualifying for the Pokemon League.

Pokemon World Tournament

An essential addition to the Pokemon game, this feature allows you to compete against trainers who have played previous Pokemon games – Gym Leaders, Champions and even protagonists from past generations could all present themselves during battle!

Pokemon White 2 Rom Map

Pokemon White 2 Rom Map

Multiplayer Features

Pokemon White 2 is an expansion to its predecessor with additional multiplayer features. Entralink provides wireless connection between friends to allow participation in activities such as minigames, trading Pokemon, battling, and more – giving gamers an opportunity to engage with one another and share collaborative or competitive experiences.

Post-game Content

Once you’ve completed the main storyline in Pokemon White 2, there is plenty of post-game material to keep you entertained. Explore different areas, attend special events and undertake more challenging challenges – there is something here for everyone.

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