Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom (FR)

Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom Download
NamePokemon Sacred Gold Rom (FR)
Publish23 Aug 2023
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
LanguageUSA - Europe
Size58 MB

Experience an enhanced Pokemon journey with Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom, a fan-made hack developed by Drayano’s team. This fresh adventure introduces captivating features for both new and seasoned trainers.

Table of Contents

What is Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom?

Pokémon Sacred Gold reimagines Pokémon HeartGold with enhanced features, providing an immersive and challenging adventure. With an expanded Pokédex, increased difficulty, and gameplay improvements, it offers captivating gameplay for all levels of players.

Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom (FR)

Expanded Pokedex

Discover a wider range of Pokémon species from various generations, including rare ones not found in HeartGold.

Increased Challenge

Engage in battles against smarter Gym Leaders, Trainers, and wild Pokémon, offering a heightened strategic experience.

Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom Download

Improved Gameplay

Enjoy smoother gameplay through unlimited TMs, faster text speed, and reduced grinding.

New Strategies

Experiment with innovative move sets, items, and tactics, adding depth to battles and exploration.

Engaging Story

Explore Johto and Kanto regions with unexpected twists, driving curiosity and narrative exploration.

Pokemon Sacred Gold Rom

Battle Frontier

Prove your skills in diverse battle formats, earning rewards and showcasing your team’s strength.

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