Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem – The Sacred Stones Rom
NameFire Emblem The Sacred Stones
Publish24 Oct 2022
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreStrategy, Turn Based Tactics

Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ROM is a continuation of traditional role-playing games for GameBoy Advanced. This installment gives players the chance to gain experience, build their units ranks endlessly, and fight in new monster combats. This allows both new and experienced players to practice their skills and to make their characters more compatible with their style. This Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ROM Hacks feature offers players greater freedom in the development of their units.

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Intro of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

The Magvel nation has enjoyed peaceful coexistence for many generations. The Grado Empire has now invaded Renais despite all logic. Eirika & Ephraim, twin heirs on the throne Renais, the battle to free their kingdoms and discover the truth behind their former ally’s treachery. For generations, Magvel’s people have lived in complete peace. The Grado Empire has invaded Renais despite all logic. Eirika & Ephraim, twin heirs on the throne Renais, battle to free their kingdoms and discover the secret behind their former ally’s treachery in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ROM Gameplay and Features

Execute your attack Strategize to take advantage of your strengths, and exploit your enemies weaknesses. Make sure you guide your soldiers well because they will die in battle.
Command hundreds of soldiers, from the traditional pegasus knights to the new mage knights. They can wield both weaponry and wizardry in battle.
Find new ways that you can improve your army. Experience new monster battles and the Tower of Valni for the knowledge your soldiers need to improve their skills.
As your soldiers improve in skill, you can choose between several classes to customize your army. Will your cavalier be a paladin or a great warrior knight? You can choose! You can choose from a variety of characters, much like in Fire Emblem. You can choose which characters you use to give you greater control over your strategic approach. This game offers brand-new character types and opens up new strategic possibilities. The summoner is a warrior who can summon monsters into battle, the great knight with an axe, the summoner, can summon them, and the mage-wielding knight can use magic and weapons. There are many more new units. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones offers some traditional fantasy monsters.

Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ROM


The Sacred Stones can be played as a turn-based strategy game like the rest. Although it is built on The Blazing Blade’s engine, The Binding Blade’s engine, The Sacred Stones has some unique features that are only available in Fire Emblem Gaiden as well as in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Branched class change

Every unit, except for the Lords, has two choices to change their class. A Meriden can switch to an Assassin OR a Blademaster. Additionally to these branched promotions, there is also the training class. These classes start with low stats and are in a lower stage than normal units. They do gain experience quickly and can become normal units at the start of the next chapter after they reach level 10. Ewan begins as a teacher. But, once he has reached level 10, he is able to become a mage (or a wizard).


Since the Sacred Stones will soon be destroyed, new monsters appear in Magvel. There are many different types of monsters. Most have inferior stats. All are enemies. While promoted forms of other classes of monsters exist, they are not changed. A wight for example is a promoted form bone walker. Sometimes, monsters will appear alongside human fighters in certain chapters. Some can use regular weapons. Others use special monster weapons. Some of these monster weapons look like items but are actually innate abilities, such as Rotten Claw. Others are linked to dark magic, like Evil Eye.

World map

As in Pokemon Emerald Rom, the game’s world maps can be manually accessed by the player. Sometimes monsters appear in certain areas. The skirmish is a short battle with these monsters. The player may retreat at any given moment, ending the battle. Along with skirmishes and buying weapons and supplies, the lord may also visit armories and shops within towns. However, Arenas and Secret Shop are not accessible from the world maps. The flag marks the location for the next chapter. Once that is done, another point appears.

Infinite experience points

There are endless possibilities for training units in this game which greatly reduces the difficulty. Skirmishes can still be seen on the map. Further, the Tower of Valni was built near Frelias castle and is where monsters have taken control. It has nine levels, but players can withdraw at any point. Similar to the Tower of Valni the LagdouRuins will be unlocked later. It also features nine levels, but the monsters are stronger. These training methods never run out and allow one to endlessly train units while taking low risks.

Creature Campaign

The Creature Campaign is a postgame mode that works in the same vein as the Trail Maps. This allows players to train characters endlessly by using the previously mentioned methods. For special characters such as Fado Ismaire or Lyon, unlockables can be made. Skirmishes will continue to occur. Many rare items are available in the Lagdou Ruins.

Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ROM Hacks

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones features a new reference that includes a glossary with explanations and descriptions of game commands in all GBA Roms. This information can be accessed by all players at any given time.

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