Pokemon Sapphire Rom GBA Download

Pokemon Sapphire Rom
NamePokemon Sapphire Rom GBA Download
Publish06 Mar 2024
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreRole Playing

Pokemon Sapphire Rom is for Gameboy Advance which you can play as a GBA Roms on GBA Emulators. will lead you through the land of Hoenn. Your mission is to become the ultimate Pokemon Master through trading, battling, and collecting. Pokemon Sapphire boasts amazing graphics, varied gameplay, and over 100 new characters. Pokemon Sapphire is a welcome development in the series. The updated graphics include weather effects, incredible sound, and more than 200 Pokemon. if you like Pokemon Roms, don’t miss Pokemon Sapphire!

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Pokemon Sapphire Rom Overview

The game shares many similarities to Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. One example is that players can choose to either be a girl or boy trainer. Another feature is that the game has an internal clock that sets events at certain times. A handy Pokedex also helps players keep track of all their stats. Your primary goal is to beat all Gym Trainers to become the Pokemon Masters. To play more about this game, you can also play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom.

Pokemon Sapphire Rom

The battles are the biggest change

With two Pokemon fighting on your side, you can tag team them against an enemy. By taking advantage of their strengths and covering their weaknesses, you can order team your Pokemons against each other. So, for example, you can have a Pokemon that is water watch your fire Pokemon back. You can also attack several Pokemon at once.

One new aspect of the game is how berries are used during battle. Once you have collected enough berries, a Berry Blender can be used to create a PokeBlock. This super-charged candy increases the “Conditions” of your Pokemon. You can then groom and enter your Pokemon in regional contests. There are strategies for best using your berries. Pick too many and the berry plant will die; plant enough to grow a tree. A Secret Base is also available in some regions of this game. You can decorate it just like you do your own room.

Play with your friends

Pokemon Sapphire is also a multiplayer game. You can trade Pokemon and join up to four others for epic battles. However, the only problem is that you cannot link up with the older Game Boy Color titles.

Pokemon Sapphire Rom or Pokemon Ruby Rom?

There is so much to do in Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby that you will be playing the game for many months. It will take some time to catch all the Pokemon. To do so, you will need both the Ruby version and the Sapphire version of the game. You will also notice some differences between the Ruby- and Sapphire versions. In Pokemon Ruby, Team Magma plans to increase the planet’s landmass in order to create more habitats for land-based Pokemon and people. Team Aqua is the ones causing trouble in Pokemon Sapphire. They plan to transform Hoenn into an uninhabited wasteland, where they can create homes and other facilities for their water-based Pokemon.

Pros & Cons


Fight with two Pokemon
Needed graphic and solid facelift
Excellent multiplayer feature (requires additional game cartridge and cable link)


Game Boy Color won’t let you trade Pokemon

Pokemon Sapphire Download

Pokemon Sapphire is a role-playing video game set in Hoenn region where players can catch, train and battle with over 200 Pokemon as they navigate challenging areas to defeat Team Aqua and its villainous minions. The game introduces new features like double battles, contests and the ability to dive underwater for extra combat power.

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  1. libron says:

    is it possible to play Pokemon Sapphire on My Boy emulator?

    1. HexRom says:

      yes you can play it.

  2. vima says:

    Is there a pokemon sapphire emulator to pay this game?

    1. HexRom says:

      You need to install gba emulator such as “MY Boy

  3. xvali says:

    I play this game when i was a kid, it feels nostalgic.

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