Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories Rom
NameMonster Hunter Stories
Publish14 Jan 2023
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra

Monster Hunter Stories 3DS Rom is a Role Playing Game for Nintendo 3DS Rom. The fearful run away when a monster attacks, but the brave ride. They ride. They ride. You can form teams and fight alongside your opponents, use combo attacks to crush them and ride off into the sunset as a champion. Do you need more muscle? Mix and match genes to create monsters that have more capabilities!

Table of Contents

Monster Hunter Stories 3DS Rom Review

Tragically, you will be thrust into a dangerous and exciting world when a Black Blight-infected monster attacks your village of riders. You’ll be able to tackle many side quests as the story progresses. There will also be hours of turn-based battles in which you have to coordinate your rider skills with enemy attack patterns. Veteran and newcomers will enjoy the series’ first rock-paper-scissors combat system. This game is a great way to get into the Monster Hunter series and it’s a unique experience. You can also battle other players online, local, or via StreetPass.

Different Gameplay

Monster Hunter Stories is a different game than most of the other games in this franchise. It features a traditional turn-based battle method. Both the rider and the monsters can attack the enemy during the turn. There are three types of attacks: Speed, Power, and Technical. Each category is stronger than the other in a rock paper-scissors fashion. Power will beat Technical, Speed will beat Technical, and Speed against Power. If an enemy monster attempts to attack someone, a Head–to-Head occurs. This pits the two attack types against one another with the dominant type winning the exchange. If both the monster and the player use the same attack type, and the enemy is targeting someone else, a Head-to-Head will occur. The enemy will not retaliate if they are able to unleash a Double Attack. The player will be awarded experience points and items for winning battles. The main story can be extended by side quests. These subquests offer item and experience rewards.

Monster Hunter Stories 3DS Rom

Story & Plot

The main character and his friends Cheval and Lilia start the game looking for a monster eggs. The two find a nest that contains one and hatch into a Rathalos, which bonds almost instantly with the main character. The creature is called Ratha by them. It is attacked by the Black Blight-possessed Nargacuga, a rampaging Nargacuga when it returns to Hakum Village. Ratha attempts to defend the village but is apparently killed. Vlau, Cheval’s mother, is also killed in the attack, which drives him to despair.

The village has been rehabilitated a year later but the Black Blight threat remains. The village chief gives the main character a piece of Kinship Ore. This crystal, which has the ability to control wild monsters almost instantly, is called the Rite of Kinship. The village’s unique title of Rider is granted to them. A strange-looking stray felyne asks them to join him. They travel outside of the village to fight monsters. Soon they come across the Black Blight. The Kinship Ore allows them to activate a larger, more natural form of the mineral.


Monster Hunter Stories is an enjoyable adventure like Rune Factory 4 ROM that translates the colorful world of Capcom’s legendary series into a joyful JRPG.

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