Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations Rom
NameMonster Hunter Generations
Publish09 Jan 2023
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra

Monster Hunter Generations 3DS Rom is an action role-playing game for Nintendo 3D. As in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom, the quests are about hunting large and dangerous creatures.

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About Monster Hunter Generations 3DS Rom

Monster Hunter Generations introduces new mechanics such as Styles and Hunter Arts that allow you to further refine your personal play style. Aerial Style lets you mount monsters from the air, or Striker Style lets you take advantage of Hunter Arts. Hunters of any style and weapon can equip Hunter Arts since they provide invaluable combat abilities and power-ups.


Enjoy the most thrilling Monster Hunter experience ever! You will be a monster hunter as you face larger-than-life creatures on your quest to become the best hunter. Each village will be protected by the Fated Four, a powerful new threat that has emerged.

Monster Hunter Generations 3DS Rom CIA

The Role Of A Hunter

Monster Hunter Generations is a similar game to the previous titles in this series. The player takes on the role of a hunter and goes on dangerous quests to find them. The hunter’s abilities depend on what type of armor or weapons he uses on a quest. This is because the hunter has no inherent attributes that can affect the gameplay.


You’ll be the new hunter and quickly unlock new quest ranks. The four hub villages are also easily accessible. These throwbacks to previous games are fun to explore on the 3DS. The only thing that drags out is the boring fetch quests where you find mundane resources.

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