Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom
NameMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Publish22 Nov 2022
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom is a new version of Monster Hunter for Nintendo 3DS Console. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom is for Nintendo 3DS Emulator so if you enjoy Games so Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate would be a good game for you!

Table of Contents

What is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom About?

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate features more vertical and lateral movement and an also wider variety of actions that will enable players to hunt more dynamically, with fluid climbing movements and the ability to jump attack from walls and other ledges. You will also be allowed to ride on top of monsters for a short period while they attack and hang on. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which includes two new weapon classes and challenges new monsters as well as numerous new locations, will be the most robust hunting experience. It was released internationally in February 2013 and is due to be released in Japan, on October 11, 2014.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rom

Loctions and Spots

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has many new locations that show improvements over the last game. The bustling Val Habar is a completely different place than the ashy Harth. Each area and all the others that are available feel more connected than the previous Monster Hunter games. And I was amazed to see how the world changed as my caravan of adventurers completed quests. After my time there, Harth’s village was alive again, with vibrant color, lava pathways, and animated villagers, and it looked even happier than when first visited. As the journey progresses, there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Story Of The Game

The player begins by moving from Kanto towards Alola’s Melemele Island together with their mother. After meeting Lillie, and saving her special Pokemon Nebby, they get a starter Pokemon from Professor Kukui. Then, they embark on the island challenge. This coming of age custom spans trials across Alola with Hau, a local youth. The trials are different from previous games. They involve battles against powered-up Pokemon and then battles with the Kahuna of each island after completing the island’s trials. The player will encounter Team Skull, which is a group of people who have quit the island trials. Its members include Guzma, their leader, and Gladion, their enforcer. The player is also introduced to the Aether Foundation, which is an organization that shelters Pokemon from various threats.

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