WWF No Mercy (V1.1)

WWF No Mercy (V1.1) Rom
NameWWF No Mercy (V1.1)
Publish07 Apr 2020
ConsoleNintendo 64 > ROM
EmulatorN64 Emulators
Size24 MB

WWF No Mercy (V1.1) N64 Rom was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 console by AKI Corporation and published by THQ. As a follow-up to WWF Wrestlemania 2000, it quickly gained notoriety as one of wrestling’s most beloved and beloved titles.

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WWF No Mercy (V1.1) Game Info

This game boasts a roster of over 60 WCWF wrestlers at its peak. Additionally, players have the option to create their own wrestlers through an extensive character generation system.

WWF No Mercy’s intricate gameplay mechanics were a standout feature. There are various match types in the game, such as singles matches, tag team matches and ladder matches; each with its own rules. A variety of techniques and moves can be employed to defeat opponents in No Mercy, such as submissions and grapples.

WWF No Mercy (V1.1) N64 Rom

Graphics Of The Game

The graphics of the game were stunning for its time, featuring detailed character models and realistic representations of wrestlers’ typical movements. Additionally, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler (WWIF) provided authentic music as well as commentary.


WWF No Mercy was renowned for its extensive single-player campaign mode, which allowed players to craft their own wrestlers and guide them through their career with the WWF. They could participate in matches, win championships or earn money to improve their wrestler’s abilities and characteristics.


World Wrestling Federation No Mercy is a timeless classic and widely considered to be one of the finest wrestling games ever created. Its intricate gameplay mechanics, large squad, and captivating single-player campaign made it an unbeatable Nintendo 64 title.

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