Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes Rom
NameSonic Heroes
Publish25 Jan 2023
ConsoleGameCube ROMs > ROM
EmulatorDolphin Emulator
GenreAction, Platform

Sonic Heroes Rom is a 2003 3D platformer game developed by Sonic Team for GameCube Console. The player controls a series of characters as they race through levels to gather rings, defeat robots, and collect the seven Chaos Emeralds required to defeat Doctor Eggman. Each level allows the player to switch between the three characters on the team. They each have their own abilities and can overcome obstacles. Sonic Heroes returns to the linear Sonic Genesis-era Sonic game style and abandons its action-adventure and exploration-based gameplay.

Table of Contents

Adventures Of Sonic Heroes Rom


Sonic runs free on his own. Tails meet Knuckles at Tornado 2. They find out that Dr. Eggman informs them of a new ultimate weapon that will be ready in three working days to help the doctor conquer the world. Eggman challenges them to defeat him. Sonic, always competitive, accepts this challenge. Tails are upset by the message and are unsure what will happen. Knuckles, however, is certain that there is nothing for him to worry about. Sonic tells them that they won’t miss this adventure, and Tails is both disturbed by the message, and uncertain of what it will bring. Knuckles, however, is certain that there is nothing for him to worry about.

Sonic Heroes Rom

Sonic Heroes Gameplay Screenshot

2D classic style

Sonic Heroes is the closest Sonic Team got to making a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog in the 2D classic style. Most disappointing about Sonic Heroes is that it has problems with the camera and controls as well as clipping. These are all things that could have been fixed with a few additional months of fine-tuning. But, in the end, it’s still a pure, action-packed Sonic Adventure experience. Sonic Heroes can be recommended if the problem of those games is not an issue. This game is not for everyone.

Music and Sounds

Music is another way to see how little things have evolved. There’s a common sound, but the music and lyrics may be different. Unfortunately, the music from this franchise has never been something I really enjoyed. It sounds familiar, which can bring some comfort.

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Sonic Team seems to have covered every aspect of Sonic Heroes’ presentation. The game doesn’t have one storyline; it features four intertwined. We won’t reveal all the details, but each of these characters, with their trademark style and outrageous personalities, is shown through crisp clean full motion video sequences. This help to drive the action throughout the title.

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