Pokemon Orange Islands

Pokemon Orange Islands Rom
NamePokemon Orange Islands
Publish23 Mar 2023
ConsoleGameboy Advance (GBA) Emulators > ROM
Size6 MB

Pokemon Orange Islands Rom is a fun hack for the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red. Multiple attempts were made to recreate parts of Pokemon Anime or even the entire thing using ROM hacks.
One popular hacking tool is Pokemon Orange Islands.

Table of Contents

Pokemon Orange Islands Rom GBA

Story of the Pokemon Orange Islands Rom

As in the Orange Islands anime series, you play Ash. After your defeat in the Indigo league, you return to Pallet Town where Professor Oak will invite you to retrieve Pikachu and collect some Pokemon from his backyard before continuing your journey.

You find yourself on a blimp and are encouraged to jump from it. This takes you to an unknown island, where all the action continues. Popular anime characters like Professor Oak, Misty, and Brock provide assistance as you embark on this exciting journey around the world.

Main Features

Explore the Orange Archipelago
Battle 4 Gym Leaders to earn their badges
Get the latest sprites and Pokemon for your characters and Pokemon trainer.
Explore new tiles and maps that will aid in navigation. Begin your adventure with Pikachu as your companion and capture all 151 Pokemon starting with Generation 1 or Tracey’s Marsill starting in Generation 2.
Experience the gameplay mechanics of the Physical/Special/Status split.
Keep your Pokeballs even if your capture attempt fails
With special items like Whirlpools, Whirlpools, Rock Smashes, and Rock Climb, you can access secret areas.

Gym Battles

The Orange Crew does not require that challengers fight them in gym battles. Their challenges are designed to test loyalty between trainers and their Pokemon; Danny, for instance, freezes one trainer’s Pokemon before creating a sled to race it.

Pokemon Orange Islands rom gba

post-games experience

The Orange Islands are a post-game experience that adds excitement to “Pokemon FireRed”, and “Pokemon leaf Green,” and offers new opportunities and challenges for players to discover. The Orange Islands are a small part of the game and can be completed quickly. Pokemon Orange Islands is a fun hack for the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red.

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