Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom Rom
NamePokemon Blazed Glazed Rom
Publish06 Mar 2023
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreRole Playing
Size7 MB

Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM hack is a fan-made version of the original Pokemon Emerald Rom, enhanced with new areas, Pokemon to catch, and an expanded storyline. This enhanced version offers many enhancements over its original counterpart.

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What is Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom?

Discover exotic locations like the Sky Fortress and Sevii Islands in Tunod. You’ll meet new gym leaders, elite quartet members, and an intriguing adversary as you progress through this thrilling area of the game.


Additional gameplay enhancements include the ability to run indoors, capture all 386 Pokemon of the first three generations, as well as Mega Evolutions.

New Content

Pokemon Blazed Glazed brings exciting and challenging new content and gameplay features to the original Pokemon Emerald game. However, it’s essential to remember that ROM Hacks aren’t officially supported or endorsed by Nintendo; thus they may contain viruses which should be avoided at all costs.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Download

Along with new areas, trainers, and Pokemon, there are new side-quests that can be completed.
The game’s storyline was expanded. There are new plot points and characters that have been added to it.
The Battle Frontier feature is new to the game, which allows players take on different challenges and battle modes to win rewards.
The game includes new graphics and music. New sprites have been added.
There are several difficulty levels that players can choose from. This allows them to tailor the game’s challenge accordingly.
The Game Boy Advance Emulator allows the game to run on any computer or mobile device.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom


How To Download Pokemon Glazed Rom?

1-Click on the Download button (under the table)
2- in the next page click on the “Download Pokemon Glazed Button”
3- Wait for download to start

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