Metroid Fusion Rom

Metroid – Fusion (FlashAdvance) Rom
NameMetroid Fusion Rom
Publish11 Oct 2022
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreAction, Adventure

Metroid Fusion Rom GBA is an Action Gameboy Advance Game with a rich story and fun gameplay. Metroid Fusion features Samus Aran returning to action in a side-scrolling, non-stop game. Her biggest enemy turns up to be her own.

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Story of Metroid Fusion Rom

As Samus Aran travels to investigate an alien planet, her spaceship encounters a mysterious lifeform. Samus is attacked in her spaceship by a parasitic creature, which begins to gnaw at the body.Metroid Fusion consists of an adventure-game where you control Samus Aran. Fusion has the same setting as other games in the series. The world is large and open-ended with elevators linking regions. Each region then contains separate rooms. Samus can open most doors with her shooting, while others only open after she has reached a certain point. Due to the focus on storyline, the game unfolds more linearly than other Metroid. Fusion introduced Navigation Rooms that direct the player to where they need to go.

Metroid Fusion GBA Rom

What is Metroid Fusion (FlashAdvance) About?

Metroid Fusion a side-scrolling, action game is closer to its NES predecessor than it’s GameCube cousin Metroid Prime. In this game, the player takes Samus the bounty hunter on an adventure to eliminate X parasites. Parasites are creatures that absorb and assimilate powers from their host. After she survived an X attack using a vaccine with X parasite genome, she can now absorb parasites to regain strength and get special powers such the morph ball space jump, wave beam, and space jump. The problem is that parasites are quickly making their own way through the many dangerous projects at the research lab and subsuming their abilities.

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Download Metroid Fusion GBA Rom

Metroid Fusion gameplay is different than other Metroid games. The game is linear and Samus is given specific objectives by a non-playable Cybernetic entity called Adam. This makes Sequence Breaking nearly impossible, making free exploration difficult until the endgame.

How To Install Metroid Fusion GBA on PC, Android, mac, ios?

  1. You need to install a GBA Emulator
  2. Download Rom and Unzip it
  3. Open GBA Emulator and Import Rom

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