Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Rom
NameMario Vs. Donkey Kong
Publish30 Nov 2022
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators

In Mario Vs. Donkey Kong GBA Rom is on the trail of Donkey Kong, who has stolen all Mini Mario toys from the Mario Toy Company. Mario needs to track him down to get the items back.

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Review Of Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mario vs. Donkey Kong lets you jump, climb, and battle your way through increasingly difficult levels. Switches, conveyor belts, and other tools are used to help you save the day. Mario can’t reach his goal because of the bad guys: bob-bombs (and other classic mushroom kingdom bad guys), shy guys, and piranha plant, no bombs, or other classic mushroom kingdom bad men.

Action Packed Moves

Learn new moves and reach mind-blowing heights in six action-packed realms. From now on, the game’s memory will be cherished by many more than its actual reality. Mario vs. Donkey Kong requires that you use Mario’s powerful action move set in order to complete a series of puzzle rooms. Despite this, the game is very fast. I was able to play through the entire world in no time and didn’t collect all of the collectibles. I suppose I could go back later and be a completist but I’m not that type of girl.

mario vs donkey kong gba rom

I had a great time finding the toys Donkey Kong stole from Toad’s little factory of joy. Each world follows a similar structure. There are six sections to each puzzle level. One Mini-Mario level is where Mario unlocks Lemming-like versions of himself and gets a toy chest. DK will flip color switches, drop debris, and then kill you. It’s quite simple.

Missions and Levels

However, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Rom level design is where Nintendo really shines. Large-scale puzzles provide players with an easy way to progress through the quest. This level of action/puzzle gameplay is not available outside the Big N. I was delighted to use each skill that I received. They are very easy to use and have a clear level design that makes it easy to see which move is best for what situation. Genius!

Game Worlds

Each world is broken down into eight levels. Mario must find a secret key to unlock the door leading to the second floor of each level. Mario will find Donkey Kong’s toy. Mario’s points are reset to the original level if Mario is defeated in level 2. The level’s beginning has a brief sequence explaining what Mario should do or what might happen before he plays the level. This short sequence explains some button combinations and the moves Mario should use to complete each level.

Download Mario Vs. Donkey Kong GBA Rom

Mario vs. Donkey Kong stands out as a great portable puzzle game. It’s also very good at playing the nostalgia card and making references everywhere. The music can sometimes be reminiscent of the original Donkey Kong. It even includes the classic “I got a Hammer” music. The game features vines, droppable fruit, and acrobatic moves reminiscent of Super Mario 64. It also has the ability to stand on, pick up, and toss enemies just like Super Mario Bros. Mario vs. Donkey Kong has a lot to offer, both on its own and in tribute to Mario.

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