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Final Fantasy 2 (V1.1) Rom
NameFinal Fantasy 2
Publish05 Dec 2022
ConsoleROM > SNES Super Nintendo
GenreRole Playing

Final Fantasy 2 ROM for Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulator. Final Fantasy II is the second entry in the extremely popular Final Fantasy series. This second installment of the FINAL FANTASY game series is an exciting turn for this innovative series!

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Final Fantasy 2 rom

Final Fantasy 2 ROM Story

The epic story begins with four young people who were orphaned in the conflict between the Palamecian Empire’s rebel army and the Palamecian Empire. The youths meet the white wizard Minwu and Prince Gordon of Kashuan. Leila, the pirate, is also on their journey. Watch the wonderful and sometimes tragic twists in a fate that await you as you embark on your adventure.
FFII introduced a unique skill-level system that enhances the character’s attributes based on their fighting style, rather than leveling up. To unlock new information and advance in the story, use the key terms that you learn from conversations.

Final Fantasy 2 rom


Instead of earning points for each battle, the character will learn skills based on the moves he uses most often. If the character uses magic to fight, for example, his experience points will be higher than those of other characters who are specializing in punching attacks. This person’s magic stats and HP will rise, while MP and MP will change depending on the battle. The final result is that anyone who uses HP often will see their maximum HP increase. Those who use a lot more MP to fight will see an increase in their MP stat.

You can also learn magic by purchasing scrolls from shops, much like in Final Fantasy. But unlike me, all characters can learn any number of spells up to 16 maximum. You can drop any spell from your list if you run out of room. Magic tiers are back, but each character must level up spells in a faint precursor of Secret of Mana to be able to cast their Fira/Firaga counterparts. A player’s biggest mistake is not using their Esuna spell to eliminate negative status effects. If an enemy uses a level 8 effect, your Esuna may not be able to fix it during battles.

Game Characters

Squaresoft began to explore larger stories with memorable supporting characters. The heroes are now able to interact with one another, unlike in the original game, where they were just cutouts. This is also the first FF that has guest characters that rotate out at regular intervals. Three of these fellas even got their adventure in the Dawn of Souls remake, joined by the previously-unplayable Prince Scott to round out their party of four.

Final Fantasy II is the first game to feature the main cast of characters that had names and histories. Guy, Maria, Firion, and Maria are always with the party, while Guy changes as the story progresses.

  • Firion is the main character. He is a childhood friend of Guy and Maria and an adopted friend of Leon and Maria.
  • Maria is Firion’s childhood friend and the main heroine. She sets out to find Leon, her brother who was with them during their escape from Fynn.
  • Guy, a friend of Firion and Maria, was raised by wild animals and then adopted by Maria and Leon. The guy is able to communicate with wild animals, despite his limited understanding of human language.
  • Leon Maria’s older brother and the new Dark Knight from Palamecia. He was missing in the attack on Fynn and has since become the Emperor’s most loyal follower.
  • Minwu serves as a White Mage, and Hilda’s personal advisor. He is a member of the party’s early adventures and is trained in the art of White Magic.
  • Josef lives in Salamander as a miner. After his daughter Nelly is freed from her imperial captivity, he aids them in their quest for the Goddess’s Bell.
  • Gordon was the prince of Kashuan and fled battle after his brother Scott died in battle for Fynn. Firion believes he is a coward and he joins Firion and his friends in the fight against Empire to find redemption and growth.
  • Leila is an aspiring pirate who tries to rob the party. However, Guy, Firion, and Maria manage to defeat her crew. Leila is touched by the kindness shown to her by Guy, Maria, and Firion after her attempted robbery. She decides to join them on their journey and become an ally of the rebels.
  • Ricard Highwind was the last Dragoon from Deist. After being trapped in Leviathan, he is now eager to get back to action to stop the Empire from vengeance on his fallen comrades.
  • Scott, a prince of Kashuan, is the elder brother to Gordon. He shares a mutual love for Princess Hilda. Scott meets the heroes in Fynn and entrusts them with the ring. Scott is not able to join the heroes’ party in the main game but can be played during the Soul of Rebirth campaign.
  • Princess Hilda is Fynn’s princess and commander of the Wild Rose Rebellion. They share an affection for one another. Hilda does not join the heroes’ party but she gives them crucial direction and guidance throughout the story.
  • Paul, an amiable thief hailing from Fynn, is a member of the Wild Rose Rebellion. Although he does not join the heroes’ party he is a frequent supporter during battles against the Empire.
  • Cid is a curt older man who is passionate about the open sky. For a fee, he runs an airship transport business and can take the party anywhere in the world. Cid isn’t a playable character. Instead, he assists the heroes via his airship.


Final Fantasy II is known for its tedious and inexplicable leveling-up process. But it’s also one of the first Final Fantasy to tell an epic story (or lift the Star Wars plot and call it a day). It might be something you like. It might be something you hate. Try it out and let us know what you think. The HD remake for PSP or mobile is for you if you are committed. It includes redrawn graphics, remixed songs, extra dungeons, and some tweaks that make it a little more flexible.

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