Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Rom

Final Fantasy – Tactics Advanced Rom
NameFinal Fantasy Tactics Advanced Rom
Publish18 Oct 2022
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreRole Playing

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Rom is a strategy game for the Game Boy Advance. It is not a remake nor a direct sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. But it takes place at the same location, Ivalice. The gameplay is identical, but there are some differences. The player can put together a group, called a “clan”, of fighters to control their actions on grid-like battlefields. For the most part, the party’s abilities, classes, and statistics can be decided by the players.

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Review of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Rom


Tactics Advance features tactical combats on a three-dimensional isometric surface. Marche is a clan leader. His role is to organize clan members and provide them with missions. The player will compete against the computer’s group in turn-based gameplay. However Final Fantasy Tactics characters do not execute their actions instantly. Enemy parties consist of monsters bosses or members of each one of the five humanoid tribes that populate Ivalice. In turn-based play, the player guides their units across the three-dimensional battlefield.

About Storyline

Marche’s family has had a difficult history. He cannot adjust to the country lifestyle without his new friends Mewt, a shy and quiet boy who often gets picked up; and Ritz, an outstanding student whose strong nature has made her dislikable at school. One day, St. Ivalice and the others stumble upon an ancient magical text.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Rom


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance RPG focuses firmly on fighting. Battles can be turned-based. That means each character in your group takes turns to move or attack with magic and weapons. Battles do not come as a free-for-all. Ivalice is governed by laws. You could be sentenced to imprisonment if you fail to comply with these laws. Every battle is presided over by a judge.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Conclusion

Every character can take up jobs that specialize in their skills and expand their experience. A character’s abilities and capabilities are the basis of their jobs. The magic Nu Mou people are skilled as White Mages or Beastmasters. While the Bangaa warriors are more adept, they can also be used to make the most of their abilities. You’ll need to join clans and complete missions in order to move through the plot. There are 200 missions in total so you’ll keep playing for a while.

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