Wild Earth – African Safari

Wild Earth – African Safari Rom
NameWild Earth – African Safari
Publish06 Dec 2022
ConsoleNintendo Wii (WII) > ROM
EmulatorDolphin Emulator
GenreEducational, Strategy

Wild Earth – African Safari ROM for Nintendo Wii (Wii ISOs) Emulator. Wild Earth: African Safari is an excellent game for all ages. Your mission is to explore the Serengeti’s wildlife preserve, shooting animals with your Wiimote camera.

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Wild Earth – African Safari ROM

Wild Earth: African Safari ROM Overview

Wild Earth: African Safari can be a fun game. It also works well in coop play, which allows for up to four players. Although there are some flaws in African Safari, they have managed to combine all aspects of the game into a well-designed and functional game.

Although it’s a short game, the educational aspect of this game is great. It shows how cooperation in different career paths can help kids grow up and learn about job opportunities. Wild Earth: African Safari is well worth the price. It’s a great game that kids will enjoy learning about Africa, conservation, and possible career paths.


African Safari isn’t the type of game you play to measure your time. You can roam the Serengeti and see the different animals. You will also gain a good understanding of the objectives as well as a real-world career by taking pictures and having them included in the articles. You can play coop, which is pretty good, and the eleven missions will take you about four to five hours.
Cooperative play involves driving a vehicle while the other person takes pictures. You can choose when you want the driver to switch off or when your main objectives change. Cooperative play is a lot of fun and brings a new dimension to the game. It makes it easier to accomplish the shoot’s objectives, but also allows you to have fun with your friends.


Although the mini-games aren’t as well-designed as the main section, they work okay and the whole game is well-constructed. The only thing that made the safari experience less enjoyable was the limited draw distance when moving about and searching for animals. The animals suddenly seem to appear in the middle of the distance when walking, instead of gradually appearing smaller and larger as they should.


The animals look great and are very lifelike. There are also some really nice animations and effects. You can splash water up onto your screen while walking through it. The animals will also move trees when bumping into them or eating them. Dust devils can appear in sandy or dry areas. Animals in these areas kick up dust when they occur.

The creators added realistic elements such as swarms and insects to the animals’ movements, including running and walking. It’s nice to feel like you are in the wild with the effects such as dust devils or the well-done night scene.

Sounds & Music

Wild Earth: African Safari has all the sounds you need, including animals calling, insects buzzing, birds cawing, lions roaring, and animals buzzing. I had no issues with the audio and found the sound effects and voice acting to be very good. The music used for the menus, main adventures, and other scenes is excellent. It features music by Talking Drum Records that has an African theme.
The music is a highlight of the game. It is fitting for the theme and adds to the experience.


  • 11 photo-taking missions with primary & secondary objectives
  • Safari mini-game mode for interaction with the animals
  • The slideshow will feature photos collected, or the player can keep his portfolio.
  • Hours of inspiring music from Talking Drum records

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