Pokemon Sun

Pokemon Sun
NamePokemon Sun
Publish25 Jul 2022
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM

Nintendo has released Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon, which are new versions of Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon. This is a role-playing project that is currently in the experimental stages. It uses simulation software for the computer.

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New Adventure With Pokemon Sun Rom

Take a new adventure in Pokemon Sun Ron with Pokemon Trainers and capture, battle, trade, and trade all-new Pokemon. You can unleash these devastating attacks on the battle by learning the Z-Moves. You can use Pokemon with Poke Ride for new locations and participate in the Island Challenge Trials, to become a Pokemon Champion.

Pokemon Sun Rom

New Pokemon Characters

Take along one of three partner Pokemon as you go on an exciting adventure. Discover new Pokemon and regional variant Pokemon. While you are training and meeting captains from the four main Islands, you can also catch and train Pokemon. Team Skull is causing havoc across the country, so discover the mystery surrounding the Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Refresh Feature

The new Pokemon Refresh feature is a great way to keep your Pokemon fit after all that fighting. Cure any status conditions such as poisoning or paralysis to keep your Pokemon healthy. Your Pokemon will be more friendly towards you if they are affectionate. Pokemon Refresh can help you take great care of your Pokemon.

Is Pokémon Sun better than Pokémon Moon?

Every version comes with a unique Pokemon. The most notable being Solgaleo (Sun), or Lunala (Moon). Sun may be able to get the gorgeous Alolan Ninetails. Moon will receive the Psychic Orang Utan Oranguru. Moon is, therefore, better.

Which is the rarest Pokemon found in the Pokemon Sun?

Munchlax (the baby form of Snorlax) can be caught early in the game. Munchlax will be found in the grass to the right and left of your Melemele Island house. It is a rare sighting, but it is there.

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