Pokemon – Blue Version

Pokemon – Blue Version Rom
NamePokemon – Blue Version
Publish01 Oct 2022
ConsoleGameboy Color (GBC) > ROM
GenreRole Playing
LanguageUSA Europe

In Pokemon Blue Rom, you have the mission to collect all 150 Pokemon. To capture all 150 Pokemon, you will have to train them. Each Pokemon’s evolution gives them power, which can then be used to capture and defeat other Pokemon. You’ll be challenged to Pokemon duels by a variety of skilled trainers. You must defeat them all to win this game. Pokemon Blue is a continuation of the Pokemon Red Version too.
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About Pokemon Blue Rom Game

Welcome to the world Pokemon. This is the place where wild Pokemon live and are tamed by people. Ash Ketchum (a boy) is on a quest for the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Professor Oak, a leading authority in Pokemon, has given Ash Ketchum three tame Pokemon in exchange to you helping him document and catalog every Pokemon in the globe.

Download Pokemon Blue Rom For GBC

To catalog a Pokemon, however, you need to first beat it with one of your trained Pokemon and then hit the Poke Ball on it. As they gain experience in battle their abilities improve and they are able to use new attacks. Sometimes they even evolve into more advanced Pokemon.

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