Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby: Planet Robobot Rom
NameKirby: Planet Robobot
Publish03 Dec 2022
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra

Kirby Planet Robobot Rom is the 11th game in the main Kirby games, released for 3DS Roms in 2016. Use the power of an unknown mech to stop cruel invaders from mechanizing Kirby’s home world. Kirby Planet Robobot Rom with a supercharged action platformer gameplay will make you smash through hard obstacles, lift heavy objects easily, and scan enemies for powerful new modes with powerful abilities!

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What Is Kirby: Planet Robobot 3DS Rom?

Kirby, Planet Robobot has the same engine as the previous games Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Kirby Return to Dream Land. It also uses the same play style and engine as the preceding games Kirby, Triple Deluxe, and Kirby, and Return to Dream Land. This game allows you to jump between foreground/background just as Kirby, Triple Deluxe. Like Kirby’s Triple Deluxe, there are two sub-games. These include Team Kirby Clash (Kirby 3D Rumble) and Kirby 3D Clash (Kirby 3D Rumble). There is also an extra mode called Meta Knightmare Returns. You can play the first 2 stages in the game’s story mode.

About the StoryLine

The Access Ark is a huge object that arrives on the planet every day. The Haltmann Works Company lives in the Access Ark. Many residents, such as king Dede and Meta Knight watch in shock as their base covers the sky. Kirby however, is asleep under a tree. The company begins to infiltrate the planet, drilling five of the arks legs into Planet Popstar’s five corners and making the planet’s surface a mechanized place. King Dededede, Meta Knight, and others attempt to defend the planet from the invaders. King Dededede makes use of his castle’s guns and Meta Knight makes use of his Halberd. But the company’s sophisticated weaponry defeats them both. Castle Dededede is destroyed and the Halberd is killed. Kirby, who slept through the whole event and is now awake in a mechanized world. He sets out to restore his homeland.

Gameplay And Movements

Kirby: Planet Robobot This is a classic platformer Kirby game. In it, the player controls Kirby The goal of this group is to reach the end by using Copy Abilities. Kirby keeps his moves from Kirby: Triple Deluxe Includes the inhale, Star Spit, Slide attack Air bullet floating, and Guarding. Kirby can also climb up grates and transport objects underwater.

Download Kirby: Planet Robobot Rom CIA

Kirby’s Robobot Armor is capable of shape-shifting into various modes by scanning foes to copy their moves, such as the Jet Mode. Kirby(tm), a Kirby can still copy abilities using the old-fashioned method of inhaling them. Team Kirby Clash is an RPG-style 4-player brawl in which you can take on different roles and level up your friends after saving the world.

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