Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom
NameKirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom
Publish16 Oct 2022
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom is a platformer Kirby video game, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror was developed by HAL Laboratory Flagship & Dimps. The game is published by Nintendo in Japan for the Game Boy Advance. It was originally released in Japan on March 15, 2004, in Europe, on July 2, 2004, and North America on October 18, 2004, respectively. It was released as the last Kirby GBA Roms.

Table of Contents

Story of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom

High in the heavens Dream Land The floating Mirror World. Mirrors have the ability to fulfill any wishes that are expressed in them, even in this bizarre and beautiful world. One day, an Unspeakable presence Invaded the Mirror World. Its mirrors could only reflect negative things. When Meta Knight Once he had discovered what was occurring, he began to save Mirror World. Kirby took a slow walk while he was down in Dream Land. suddenly appeared like a familiar shadow. Although it looked like Meta Knights, something was quite different. The shadowy Meta Knight lunged at Kirby, daydreaming!

What happened next?

Meta Knight’s sword sliced Kirby into four pieces, each one a different shade! Meta Knight flew high into the sky and all four Kirbys were able to hop onto a helicopter. Warpstar Follow him! Here is where the real adventure begins. Kirby will need to dial in for backup as the Dark Shadow has infiltrated the Kingdom of Mirrors. He has been divided into 4 Kirbys of various colors. With his trusted cell phone, Kirby can call his colorful alter egos to get some help.

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The Mirror World is located in Dream Land and allows anyone to wish for anything. But, it eventually copies the mind of an unknown figure and creates a mirrored world of evil. Meta knight observes this and flew up to save Mirror World. is still walking when Dark Meta Knight comes. Dark Meta Knight takes Kirby and cuts him in four. Kirby then transforms into four different Kirbys. They follow Dark Meta Knight with a Warp Star simultaneously and then enter the Mirror World.

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