Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Rom

Kirby – Nightmare In Dreamland Rom
NameKirby Nightmare In Dreamland Rom
Publish03 Jun 2023
ConsoleGBA ROMs > ROM
EmulatorGBA Emulators
GenreAdventure, Platform

Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Rom (GBA) is a platforming game where Kirby saves Dream Land from King Dedede. Kirby can inhale enemies to gain their abilities and has over 20 forms to choose from. It features vibrant graphics, catchy music, and mini-games. The GBA version added improved graphics and multiplayer support via link cables. It’s a beloved title in the Kirby series and is still enjoyed by fans today.

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Story of Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Rom

The tranquil world of Dream Land has been put in danger. Dream Land is the place where dreams have always flowed from the magical Fountain of Dreams. The Fountain of Dreams collected all of life’s hopes and dreamsm like Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom. It also gave rise to all the good dreams, rest and relaxation that comes from a deep sleep. The ability to dream was lost one day in Dream Land. DeDeDe, the king, was apparently bathing in The Fountain of Dreams. DeDeDeDe took the Star Rod- which is the source of the Fountain of Dreams power — and had broken it down, giving one to each of the underlings. Kirby will now embark on an adventure in order to restore peaceful naptimes and all Dream Land residents.

Screenshot of Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Rom

About Gameplay

Kirby Nightmare In Dream Land Rom is an action platformer that lets you control Kirby. Kirby is the little pink hero in Dream Land, and his main claim to fame is his ability to breathe on his enemies to gain their abilities. The game’s primary objective is to navigate each level and all stages in order. You will need to move through challenging terrain and fight enemies. Kirby has many abilities, so there are many ways to clear the obstacles. You can even go without any abilities and use Kirby’s ability Star Bullets as damage. Kirby’s hover and ability to breathe underwater make the environment more accepting than traditional platformers. The game is designed for easy, accessible play. More challenging elements are available if you wish.


  • Kirby
  • Yellow Kirby
  • Red Kirby
  • Green Kirby
  • Meta Knight

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