Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening Rom
NameFire Emblem: Awakening
Publish11 Jul 2023
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra

Fire Emblem: Awakening Rom (Japan tactical role-playing) is a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Intelligent Systems.
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About Fire Emblem: Awakening Rom

The game was released in Japan, North America, and Europe on April 19, 2012, February 4, 2013, and April 19, 2013. It is the thirteenth in the Fire Emblem series. It is also unique in that it takes place across two continents: Ylisse & Valm. These future forms of Archanea & Valentia are both present. If you download the game from the Nintendo eShop the game will need 8,579 free blocks on your SD Card.

Fire Emblem: Awakening Rom

Fire Emblem: Awakening Modes and Gameplay

Fire Emblem Awakening gives the player the option to choose from two play modes: Classic Mode or Casual Mode. Classic Mode disables all permanent character deaths. They can not be used in the rest of the game. The Casual Mode allows players to disable permanent character deaths. A Casual Mode allows the player to disable permanent character deaths. After the player has completed the game in Lunatic mode, a fourth difficulty mode, Lunatic+, will be unlocked.


Create your character and join the ranks of heroic heroes on the battlefield.


Create a team of characters to strengthen their friendships. Some characters even have the option to get married.

Fire Emblem: Awakening Rom

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