Bravely Default

Bravely Default Rom
NameBravely Default
Publish30 Nov 2022
ConsoleNintendo 3DS Rom [CIA] > ROM
Emulator3DS Emulator: Citra
LanguageUSA/ Japan

Bravely default ROM for Nintendo 3Ds+Cia Emulator. Bravely default is a Japanese turn-based fantasy RPG.

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Introduce Bravely Default rom

It has an epic story with stunning 3D visuals, multiple endings, and engaging characters. There’s also an innovative risk/reward battle system that allows players to skip turns so they can use them later to perform more powerful attacks. This encourages deeper levels of strategy.


Bravely default is an HTML-based RPG that features random encounters as well as a battle engine that focuses on the job system. To gain additional turns, the game uses a system called “BP” (Brave Points). Each character has a set of BP. The Default command skips a turn stocking a BP. The Brave command uses that BP to move four times.

The first game combines Brave & Default, which are two different modes

Bravely and Default are the main game modes. Bravely allows each character to act continuously up until 4 times per turn. This means that he/she will not do anything in the next three turns. You can combine multiple spells to create powerful destructive power. At the White Mage level, you can use Esuna to improve your health, Raise and Curaga to heal/improve the health of the entire party. You will get a Default and a 50% reduction in damage for each turn. In Bravely mode, you’ll also receive 1 BP point. You can get Brave three times in a row if you have enough BP points.  We can have up to four people with totally different strengths and weaknesses. 24 different specializations are available to each person (which can be unlocked slowly).

Bravely default ROM


One minigame is available. It focuses on rebuilding Tiz’s Norende Village home by recruiting people via Streetpass or the Internet. Although it can take hundreds of hours to complete, Streetpass can help reduce that time. Special shops, such as the “Special Move Parts Shop”, can be constructed here to unlock additional properties that can be customized for Special Moves. The normal shops have a strong inventory of unique equipment that isn’t available elsewhere.

Game Characters

The main characters are Edea, Agnes and Tiz.
Agnes Oblige is a 20-year old woman who (17 in Japanese) is the vestal for wind and sets out on a journey that will cleanse the Crystals from a darkening.
Tiz Arrior is a 19-year old man (16 in Japanese) who miraculously survived the calamity which left a gap in Caldisla. He is deeply sad that he was unable to save his younger brother and only relative.
Edea Lee is an 18-year old girl (15 in Japanese). She has a strong sense for justice and comes from Eternia. Her father was her duchy leader. After seeing the terrible actions of her father’s army, she was sent to capture Agnes.
Ringabel, an amnesiac man unknown of age who travels the globe seducing women with his adolescent charm. A special book called “D’s Journal”, which seems to be able to predict the future, is his possession.

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