Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors Rom
NameSonic Colors
Publish02 Jan 2023
ConsoleNintendo DS (NDS) > ROM
EmulatorNDS Emulators

Sonic Colors DS Rom, also known as Sonic Colours, is a 2D platformer video game that was released on the Nintendo DS in 2010. It’s a version of Sonic Colors that has a deeper story and features a wider cast.

Table of Contents

Sonic Colors DS Rom Info

The story begins with…

Dr. Eggman, the evil and vile Dr. Eggman, has devised a new plan to take over the world! Sonic’s home planet has been transformed into an incredible interstellar amusement center, with a multitude of amazing rides and attractions. But, Dr. Eggman isn’t as innocent as it appears. He has taken a Wisp alien race and is using their colorful energy as fuel for a sinister plot. Sonic discovers his strange theme park in space before Dr. Eggman can complete his evil plans. Sonic discovers that he can also use alien powers, and is eager to help. Sonic will need all of his skill and speed to pass this test. However, the alien energy will empower him to succeed.

Sonic Colors DS Rom Gameplay

Game Atmosphere and Gameplay

Sonic Colors DS looks and feels a lot the same as Sonic Colors WII, It’s a 2D platformer with fast gameplay. You must race through levels collecting rings, and other items to get to the end. Sonic Colors adheres to a pattern but is not repetitive due to its innovative level design. You will always encounter new, often unique mechanics. You may be doing a water slide on one level. Or you might be fighting against a dinosaur’s skull. A third level could have you floating underwater. Each act incorporates Sonic’s classic Sonic elements like loops, spikes, or moving platforms. This creates fast-paced courses that call your attention.

Collect Rings

The player has the ability to collect rings which can be found all over the Acts. A player will die if they do not have at least one Ring. The player who is hit by a player without a Ring will not be able to continue the Act.

Levels and Missions

The main levels in Sonic Colors look great, but the game’s sub-missions are quite dreadful. These missions feature terrible characters such as Silver the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, and Cream the Rabbit. Most of the missions (capture thirty Wisps under an absurdly tight time limit) are very inane and merely repeat previous stages. These can, however, be ignored for the entire game.

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