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Sonic Advance
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Publish13 Oct 2022
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Sonic Advance is a Sonic the Hedgehog platformer game, released for the Game Boy Advance at the end of 2001. Sonic Advance offers four playable characters. The Amy Rose debuts on a 2D title is her first. Although the game draws elements from Sonic Adventure for Sega Genesis, the art style used in the post-Dreamcast Sonic the Hedgehog games is what the characters will be wearing.
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What is Sonic Advance Rom About?

Sonic Advance, a side-scrolling platformer that’s reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 are available.

Sonic Advance Rom

Sonic Advance Rom


The story is basic and follows the same plot line as the Sonic the Hedgehog Games. The player discovers late in the game that Eggman made the Egg Rocket to go into outer space. Later, Eggman is found by the player’s protagonist who chases him outside until he is defeated.

A Bad Ending (clear X-Zone without any Chaos Emeralds): The character of the player defeats Eggman. Tails/Sonic captures the character and brings him to Earth.

The Good End: Sonic defeats Eggman. After that, the evil genius escapes to a new world. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and chases Eggman down to the moon, where they will fight for the ultimate battle. Tails, Knuckles (among others) and Amy are left wondering what happened to Sonic. Tails returns to the moon to find Sonic a few days later. Tails waves to Super Sonic from the moon as he discovers him.

Sonic Advance GBA Rom Download

Sonic Advance, a side-scrolling platformer, features four characters: Sonic “Tails” Prower; Miles “Tails,” Prower; Knuckles (Echidna); and Amy Rose. The objective is to complete every Act of a Zone (a level in Sonic Advance) within ten mins. If conditions are met, the player must go through 6 Zones. Next comes the XZone. Finally, there is the Moon Zone. Each of the standard zones has two acts. Act 1 is accomplished by passing a marker, while Act 2 involves defeating one or more of Dr. Eggman’s machines can be given to complete Act 1. Then, defeat one of Dr. Eggman’s machines to complete Act 2. Finally, open the capsule which falls from the sky and release the animals. Sonic Advance was the last Sonic title before Sonic the Hedgehog4, and the first 2D Sonic game that allowed the player to grind on rails.

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