Pokemon Colosseum Rom

Pokemon Colosseum Rom
NamePokemon Colosseum Rom
Publish15 Jun 2023
ConsoleGameCube ROMs > ROM
EmulatorDolphin Emulator
GenreRole Playing

Pokemon Colosseum Rom, a role-playing video game from the Pokemon series, was developed by Genius Sonority and published by The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Colosseum Rom actually consists of two different games, a story and battle mode.

Table of Contents

  • Pokemon Colosseum Cross-Platform Connectivity
  • Pokemon Colosseum Cross-Platform Connectivity

    Pokemon Colosseum had an innovative feature that allowed it to work together with Pokemon Ruby Rom, Pokemon Fire Red Rom & Leaf Green. Pokemon from these four titles could be imported directly into Pokemon Colosseum and used in battles – thus GameCube systems could be linked to Game Boy Advance systems through this function.

    Pokemon Colosseum Rom Modes

    Story Mode

    Story Mode has a very dark plot. It would have made a good TV episode, but it wouldn’t be able to sustain a 30 minute RPG. You might like to play Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness Rom which is another version of Pokemon Colosseum game.

    Battel Mode

    Pokemon Colosseum 3D role-playing games are viewed through a third-person view. The player controls a Pokemon trainer named Wes (default nickname), who travels around various locations using a type a one-wheeled bike. You play an anti-hero who robs a valuable accessory belonging to the evil organization. This item lets the wearer steal Shadow Pokemon. They can also be taken away from their masters. It’s good to encourage thievery, as it is not possible to go out and collect Pokemon from nature in this barren wasteland setting. Instead, steal monsters from others, open their hearts slowly, then have them fight for you.

    Pokemon Colosseum

    Exciting Battels

    The screen changes to a interface, where players and their Pokemon can fight. Most battles follow the double battle format. That means there are two Pokemon on each side. The Trainer can only have six Pokemon at any one time. Once a Pokemon has been defeated, their Trainer must swap them out with another Pokemon unless there are no more. Battles can also be conducted in “Colosseums”, which are located in various cities.

    Pokemon Colosseum Emulator

    1. Download a GameCube emulator.
    2. Install the emulator on your computer.
    3. Download the Pokemon Colosseum ROM.
    4. Open the emulator and locate the option to import or load the ROM.
    5. Select the Pokemon Colosseum ROM file.
    6. Start the emulator, and the game should begin!

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