Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Rom
NameChrono Trigger
Publish28 Nov 2022
ConsoleROM > SNES Super Nintendo
GenreRole Playing

Chrono Trigger Rom is a Role Playing video game created and published by square. You can Play Chrono Trigger Rom on SNES Emulator witht he best quality.

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Review Of Chrono Trigger SNES ROM

Chrono Trigger Rom was initially released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as the first game of the Chono series. Square called it the “Dream Team”, and included Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Square’s Final Fantasy series; Yuji Hori, the creator of Enix’s Dragon Quest series; Akira Toriyama the Dragon Quest character designer and author of the Dragon Ball series. Takashi Tokita also co-directed the game. Kazuhiko Aoki produced and edited the scenario. Masato Kato and Yuji Hirai were the creators of Square’s Final Fantasy series. Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer for Enix’s DragonQuest series, wrote most the soundtrack. Akira Toriyama, the character designer for Dragon Quest, and author of the manga series Dragon Ball is the story of a group of adventurers that travel through time to avoid a worldwide disaster.

Chrono Trigger Rom

Role Playing Gameplay

Chono Trigger offers standard roleplaying video game gameplay. The player controls the protagonist, along with his companions, in the twodimensional universe, which includes numerous forests, cities, and hidden dungeons. Navigation takes place via a map that shows the landscape with a reduced overhead view. The maps depict areas such as forests, cities, and other similar locations on a more realistic scale. This allows players to interact with locals to acquire products and services, solve puzzles or challenge others, and even encounter enemies. Chrono Trigger has a different gameplay than other Japanese RPGs. Enemies are not hidden in random encounters but are easily visible on the field maps or waiting to ambush the party. When enemies come into contact on a map, a battle takes place directly on the map.

Character and Storyline

Chrono Trigger includes six characters plus an optional character. The characters come from different times in history. The Chrono Trigger opens in 1000 AD and includes Crono Marle as well as Lucca. Crono is the silent protagonist. He’s described as a brave young man who wields a sword in battle. Marle is Princess Nadia. Although she lives in Guardia Castle, it was revealed that she is actually Princess Nadia. Lucca is Crono’s childhood friend. She is also a mechanical genius. Her house is full of machinery and laboratory equipment. Robo, also known as Prometheus (designation R66Y), is a robot created to assist humans. It was developed in the era of 2300 AD. Robo lay dormant until the future. Lucca finds him and repairs him. The fearless Ayla resides in 65,000,000 BC. Ayla, who is unmatched in her raw strength, is the chief of Ioka Village. She leads her people in the war against a humanoid species of reptiles commonly known as Reptites.

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