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  • Platform
    Sonic Advance

    Sonic Advance Rom Download

  • Role Playing, Shooter
    Golden Sun

    Golden Sun GBA Rom Download

  • Beat Em Up
    Castlevania – Aria Of Sorrow

    Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow GBA Rom Download

  • Action
    Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

    Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Rom

  • Role Playing
    Final Fantasy – Tactics Advanced

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Rom

  • Strategy, Turn Based Tactics
    Advance Wars (Arrogance)

    Advance Wars

  • Strategy, Turn Based Tactics
    Fire Emblem – The Sacred Stones

    Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

  • Adventure, Platform
    Kirby – Nightmare In Dreamland

    Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland